Shift (lyrical breakdown)

1st Verse:
“Twin sun gravity gunshots begun
Power of slugs
See ’em approach as one
Nowhere to run
3 weeks soon come…”

Over the past few years, the number of asteroids and comets entering Earth’s neighborhood and meteors entering the atmosphere have been steadily increasing and as of the last year and a half, increased dramatically. New asteroids are just being discovered in short periods of time before they whiz by the Earth by a cosmic hair. There is a theory that proposes that we live in a binary star system, meaning our sun has a companion star or a “twin”. When this twin sun makes its closest pass, it goes through the Oort Cloud, which exists on outside of our solar system. The pass of this sun sends cometary bodies into the inner solar system. Is this what is happening now? Read more

“…Fate up in our face
Who will feed the forked tongue…”

With unavoidable change to our planet upon us, will give in to fear and “feed the forked tongue”. “Forked tongue” is a double entendre referencing the snakes in suits and information put in the sphere about the hyperdimensional beings known as “reptilians”, who have been described as beings that derive nourishment from the energy emitted from fear. Read more

“Decisions are overdue
Judgement is daily
Future ain’t written
Prophecies are maybes
Possible timelines
Unwritten dealings
Revelations given to prevent self fulfilling…”

As I see it, with each individual and collective choice we move towards a potential individual and collective outcome. Everyday we are making choices and those choices are judgements. Time is not a linear fixed phenomenon, thus the future is a series of potentials. Our activity or inactivity can determine the accuracy of prophecies, which peer into potential futures. I think the individual and collective awareness can also accelerate or decelerate cycles that seem to be fixed.

“The last days of an age inside the maze
Sing freedom break bars and escape the cage…”

Change is occurring without a doubt, but it would be very foolish to think one day everyone will just “wake up” and “get it”. Individually and collectively a choice must be made to be free. But before that choice to be free can be made, we have to first see how we are not free, on on every level of our being. Once we can see that and get to the root of how we’ve been enslaved, then we can begin the work towards being free. Read more

“Machine feel the rage of humanity
Condemned by political men wearing the mask of sanity…”

The Mask of Sanity is a book by Hervey Cleckley and goes in depth about the nature psychopaths, psychopathy and how they blend into society, passing for normal human beings. The subject of psychopathy is that topic sitting untouched (with the exception of a few recent shallow scratches into the mainstream) in public discourse, yet once you look into it, you will see is at the core of humanity’s self-destructive course. Through theiir total lack of compassion and empathy, coupled with a ruthless lust for power and control, they have risen into high positions within politics, law enforcement, business and finance where they insert their inhumane way of being into social structures, forcing the mass amounts of a population to conform to the psychopaths virus like ways of being. You can get The Mask of Sanity as a free download here, as well as loads of information on the subject.

“Streets with profanity
Task is enormous…”
The streets of the world are shouting, “Fuck This Shit”, but the task is so enormous that it will take alot more than just taking to the streets.
“Slash through the tyranny
Embrace what’s before us…”

We MUST accept the fact that total tyranny IS staring at us and expose it for what is it.. We as a collective must embrace the predicament we are in and stop the denial.

“Galaxy adores us
Choice in our palms
Either perish on our knees or evolve beyond”

We are in possession of free will. It is at the heart of creativity and its true expression. It exists on an individual and a collective level, but it must be developed and strengthened by removing the psychological/social barriers that prevent its true expression. As individuals choose to evolve to higher states of awareness and being, they become more aligned with the laws of allowance and choice. They recognize that all of what we are experiencing are lessons on the journey of Higher Self knowledge, and so they will not seek to impose anything on another being. At the same time, a deeper understanding of the statement, “We all are one” is seen and experienced. While the experience of their personal reality will shift, the nature of the collective reality, which is formed by the collective consciousness, will still remain as it is and so these individuals offer themselves service to the whole. They present knowledge and opportunities for others to affirm their soul right of free will and to make an informed choice.

You can see it in the streets/Feel it in the air
Feel it within/Let it begin and shift…
Clear my eyes so I can see…..and shift
Clear my ears so I can hear…..and shift
Cleanse my heart so I can know and love
Flow from above/ Flight like a dove

The “Clear my eyes so I can see…hear…know and love” is taken from the “Prayer of the Soul” which is part of a powerful breathing and meditation that do called: Eiriu Eolas. It is a meditation that has been very helpful in assisting in the process of shifting.


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