Real Rap

I am an artist of life. I am an observer of life. I am a contributor to the growth, progression and evolution of life. Because I know this, I have a complete inability to write without purpose. Since I became aware of the greater aspects of my being at the age of 18, every line I write, every rhyme structure, flow and word I play with, every verse I spit, every song I create, has the intention of being beneficial to mind, body and spirit. I demonstrate the art of rhyme and rhythm powered by insightful commentary. I speak from a unique perspective, rooted in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of self. My lyricism is an expression of my cosmological view and an expression of the way in which I live my life. It’s Real Rap.


What music genre do you play when you are djing?

“I don’t play just one genre. It all depends on the vibe and how I feel like flowing with it. My taste in music is wiiiiide, and unless it’s an event where the vibe is specific, I tend to play five or six different genres in my set. You may hear Afro-house, Hiphop, Nu Funk, Classic Soul, Electro-Soul, Afro-Electronica, Deep House, Dancehall, Classic Rock, 80’s R&B, Tropical Bass, etc. The common thread through it all is soul, culture, slaptastic slump, and substance.” – Interview in Sept, 2014 issue of HelloBali Magazine


    In late 2004, Kamau made the decision to further study about the world his place in it, by moving from San Francisco, California to Bali, Indonesia. There he began DJing.

  • Kamau’s first gig was as a resident DJ at the internationally acclaimed Kudeta restaurant/lounge. From there he’s rocked clubs and parties all around the island of Bali. From Mbargo and Eikon to the legendary venues F-Lounge, Home Café and Black Dog.
  • Through his Live Mysteries event productions, Kamau has organized multiple successful, unique events, such as his annual ‘So Wonderful(Stevie Wonder tribute night), Planet Neptunes ,Timbaland Stomp, Meet the Jacksons and much more.
  • He has performed at the Bali Spirit Festival, Jakarta’s Soul Nation Festival. 2011 Kamau was the feature dj for the entire Money in the Cap 2 dance competition in Singapore, playing both the Hiphop and House rounds. In January 2012 he was invited back to Singapore, this time to spin the house dance battle for the #1 international top dancing competition, Juste Debout.
  • He was one of the dj’s in rotation at Bali’s now legendary monthly beach party, DiskoAfrika.
  • He is the organizer of Ubud, Bali’s first monthly Soulful Music based event called UPLIFT.
  • 2011 -2013 Kamau was the host of his own radio show, ‘PitchBlackRadio’on where up to 1000 listeners would tune in three times a week to hear the latest and classic music and commentary presented by Kamau.
  • Currently, he is one of the rotating djs at Deus Ex in Canggu, Bali , playing for 400 people on Sunday night.
  • Named one of Bali’s “hottest djs” in September 2014 issue of Hello Bali Magazine
  • Whether playing in small bars, big clubs or niche venues, Kamau continues to spread his love of soulful, classic and cutting edge sounds every time he plays.