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Kamau Abayomi & The Aerial Crew – Life as a Premeditated Freestyle. Watch video


Indonesian Expat:

I recently asked Ka Mau if he had any advice for people wishing to become more open and expressive. “Become good friends with people who do things that you do not do, who think in ways that you do not think, who create in ways that you do not create. Go to places you’ve never gone, where there are people you’ve never interacted with.” – Read more


The Yak Magazine:

“You’re a Hip-Hop man, and involved with Bali’s Aerial Crew – tell us about that. – Well, as someone who understands Hip-Hop as a culture that is far deeper than just rap culture, I can recognize and connect with others who are of the same vibration. Globally and historically people gravitated toward the dance aspect of Hip-Hop culture first.” – Read more


SF Weekly:

Rapper/poet Pitch Black seems to be living two incarnations simultaneously. In one, he’s a scraggly 26-year-old b-boy, a product of the streets who lives and breathes hip hop. He wears baggy sweat pants, speaks in slang, and works a Krylon spray can nearly as well as a microphone. – Read more



“I don’t think i have heard anything like this before in Bali. Tell me more about the show in detail?
I break it down like this; What if you woke up one morning to the governments of the world announcing that a comet was going to smash into the Earth, not long after sunset today and humanity would go the way of the dinosaurs? My production “There Is No 2morrow” is a one act play that uses dance theater, poetry, documentary footage, visual media and music to show how a few individuals, couples and groups, personally and collectively live out some of their moments on their last day alive.” – Read More


Shiva’s Muse:

“We stayed there for 3 years before moving to Oakland. At that time I was deep into skateboarding and had gotten sponsored by Real Skateboards, but then I had an ankle injury and couldn’t skate for a couple months, and that’s when I began writing raps. Some of the dudes I skated with hated hard on me, so when I was ready to skate again, the company I skated for didn’t believe I was dedicated and they…” – Read more



“Takes rap back to its raw, primal essence, with 20+ tracks of spoken word imagery, turf sensibility and spiritual philosophy…” – Read more



“The opening performance was given by Kamau Abayomi. Hip-hop artist and poet, Kamau, performed his original rap “Lone Gunman” and talked about his encounter with spirituality. Having grown up in a rough neighborhood, he realized the importance of solitude free from external distractions in order to reflect on his inner self. He shared his belief…” – Read more



“The third part of the onstage posse was African-American hip-hop artiste Kamau Abayomi, a.k.a. PitchBlackGold. Rapping about spirituality and how it plays out in everyday life, intersecting with socio-political issues like land ownership and indigenous connections to the land, it was clear that people were listening up. Hip-hop may not be so popular in India (just yet!) but the sounds of Pitch Black Gold grabbed plenty of attention, even from passers by. It was as if this US-grown breed of music and expression had found instant intercontinental appeal in the suburban streets of Bombay..” – Read more

kamau-abayomi-Traxwire (Indonesian)

Traxwire (Indonesian):

“Tak terasa hip hop sudah 40 tahun ada di dunia. Berawal dari Afrika Bambaataa, seorang ex gangster asal Afrika yang menemukan musik yang mengubah dirinya, dari pertarungan jalanan menjadi battle rap, b-boy/b-girl, DJ dan grafitti, empat dekade kemudian hip hop menjadi musik yang sangat mainstream, dan bahkan menjadi favorit bagi sebagian kaum hipster. Namun seorang pengamat budaya sekaligus musisi hip hop Kamau Abayomi mengaku bila Indonesia juga memiliki hip hop yang original…” – Read more