Creative Revolution

Human beings are the only species on this planet capable of controlling their own rate of evolution (maybe dolphins can do it too). We can choose, consciously, to accelerate our growth and the development of our physical, mental and spiritual faculties. We can choose to enhance our knowledge and awareness or remain in ignorance. Whatever our collective or individual choice is, the universe remains expanse and ever evolving. Beyond the limits of our cultural conditioning and social programming and beyond the rate in which we choose to progress, creation is expansive and evolving. We are in no way separated from this process. Live Mysteries utilizes the arts as a tool for contributing to the acceleration of individual and collective expanded awareness and unity consciousness. Live Mysteries promotes individual and collective artistic expression as a primary necessity in the elevation of local and global community. When artists and the arts have been restored to their respected and rightful position in society, evolution will become revolution, as communities realign to the truth that healthy communities require fully connected, creatively expressive individuals; individuals who are appreciated for their unique contribution to the whole.

Artistic Activation

Live Mysteries affirms the view that all life is a manifestation of The Supreme Artist, The Creator, The Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent Source consciousness experiencing itself through its infinite manifestations, from which every human being is a unique one – a unique wave on the ocean endowed with infinite creative potential. The Live Mysteries Artist Activation Trainings are artistic development sessions a designed to provide an opportunity for an individual to:

1) Experience and reaffirm them self as a unique creative being, to know they are an artist.
2) Discover and awaken their natural artistic impulses and modes of expression.
3) Learn techniques to release blockages in creativity and stimulate flow.
4) Create works of art that manifest from the deepest and most true aspect of their being.
5) Show how their art can be used as a tool for self-teaching, transformation and empowerment.
6) Demonstrate how their art can be used in service to the local and global community.

Trainings are uniquely designed to best serve the process of the participant. For more information on the Artistic Activation trainings, please contact us here.

Event Production

For over 8 years, Live Mysteries has been at the forefront of producing the most unique, eclectic and soulful events in Bali, Indonesia. Adhering to the principle that unity consciousness + style & substance = a damn good time, Live Mysteries presents the entertainment events in Bali, consistently bringing together artists and musicians from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, to perform together on a platform that is holistically supportive of arts and community. Each event is unique and holds the goal of elevating the community through good artistic vibrations.

For event planning, creative direction, consultation or choreography, contact us here.

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Kiss We

LM Bali Spirit Festival Performance

Live Mysteries Events Trailer