“Writing reviews has never come at any real challenge for me. I’ve done it more times than I can count. Yet capturing the Essence of my experience with ‘GODBODY’ has been just that. Perhaps because it was just that, an experience, an experience that continues to unfold, deepen, expand and reflect back all of the archetypal frequencies that only the greatest of works can channel in one read. I’ve struggled to identify other novels or contemporary literary works whose characters have impacted me so. And now several months since I cracked it open for the first time, I’ve yet to find such a piece. ‘GODBODY’ has taken me on an adventure deep into the grottos of my being, at some points paddling fiercely so that I might keep up with swift moving currents. And at others, just allowing myself to honor the wisdom of the waves by sinking in, allowing the trickling of the tears as I was being reminded – chapter by chapter – ALL of “who” I am and why I’m here. For me GODBODY is not a novel. It is a gateway to the exquiste dance of Be-coming. More more more please!!” Dr. Melva Green MD, MBA, MPH (Board Certified Psychiatrist, Spiritual Healer and guest expert on A&E’s ‘Hoarders’)

Heru is a nineteen years old community activist who thought he had himself and the world figured out. That all changes the day he meets the successful entrepreneur I Be and learns that he is much more than he ever imagined. Shauna is a professional dancer who had forgotten the dance of life outside of a studio. After she meets a mysterious young man named Suncere, her eyes begin opening to a dance she never thought was possible. Lorena and Windy are two 8 years old girls quickly developing extra sensory perceptions. All of their destinies are intertwined.

In GODBODY, the first book of the GODBODY series, journey through a mystically illuminated San Francisco and experience the synchronicity, choices and connections between unique characters, in different grades of learning and living, along the path of self-knowledge, wisdom & higher understanding.

Its an honor to make this video introduction to GODBODY, a Literary Journey by KA BA AB (Kamau Bakari Abayomi). Our brother is launching this debut novel at Pondok Wahyu in Bali this Saturday at 7:30. Get to know Kamau and the story of this "Coming of age spiritual journey"

Posted by Erick Joseph on Thursday, October 2, 2014

“Intelligently written, poetically beautiful, yet down to earth, Kamau begins a new chapter in a fresh, new writing style. Kamau shares a deep, profound perspective on life with a grounded in reality attitude. This book will make you think, make you laugh and carry you through different emotions as you ride it through to the end.” Tevia Feng (Master martial artist, qi gong teacher, practitioner & healer)
“Godbody is an exhilarating read for anyone who is charting the evolution of human consciousness. The San Francisco/Bay Area provides a rich cultural and historical frame for the main characters and the gel of community is beautifully made available to the reader through “slanguage” and detail. Godbody is less science fiction and more the telling of a spiritual coming of age through the lens of Ancient Egyptian mysteries which are embedded yet hidden in this present moment. It is an otherworldly story set in an earthly city and this reader is excited for the continuation of a saga that is simultaneously empowering and poetic.”Jaguar Mary X (Director of Sacred Circularities dance and meditation retreat gatherings)

About the Author

Kamau Bakari Abayomi is a 2-time winner of the international Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Poetry Slam, has been a guest speaker at TEDx, a guest artist and workshop coordinator at The World Social Forum, a guest artist and lecturer & workshop coordinator aboard the Japanese NGO/cruise ship, Peaceboat and has directed/choreographed a headlining dance performance for Bali Spirit Festival. Those are a few notables amongst countless great performance events, large and small, commercial and underground, that Kamau has been a part of.