“The Infinite plays the musician. The musician plays the music. The music plays the dancer. The dancer plays the infinite.” – Kamau Abayomi


Since forming in 2004, Aerial Crew has been at the forefront of representing true Hip-Hop culture in Bali and throughout Indonesia. The 2011 Indonesian B-Boy Champions understand that in order to progress it not only takes dedication and practice, it takes a full love for the art-form and love for the culture of Hip-Hop. This love radiates through their unique personalities as they become one with the music. The coolest kids in any room they step into, when Aerial Crew dance, a party can go from 100 to 200 in an instant. This ability to captivate an audience, with in-the-moment freestyle dance or conceptual choreographed routines, has allowed them to be featured in many events including:

Bali Spirit Festival
Ubud Readers & Writers Festival
Beat Magazine Awards
Sound Adrenaline Bali

Green School Bamboopalooza
Soul Shine Festival
Metis New Year’s Eve Party
Kuta Karnival
… and more.