bridge to infinity

Wu wei plays on Chinese new year monkey bars
Planets swing between binary stars
Dancing on the bridge to infinity

Communication retrograde
The power cut after the line was made
I cast no blame
Still immersed in the game
Eyes on the exit
Beyond conception and name
Picture the limitless
Don’t imagine a frame
All encompassing existence

Bridge to infinity shall be engaged
Even if arrested and locked in a cage
Letters from burning hands prevail
Chi infused poetry
Kissed by the muse
Now my eyes are three
Jailbreak the Souls of Black folk
Suspend the animation of police chokes
Police addictions to gun smoke
Police psychopathy monopoly the mentality provokes
No pay. Yes indictment. Yes conviction. Yes justice.
Yes overhaul of laws so the people can trust it
Checkmate the politicians who lust power like leeches
Elect no one who isn’t blessed by the High Priestess
Who seeks your conformity and shuns your uniqueness
Who’s never touched the depths of the Heart
And learned what it teaches

Only bestow power to one of One
Humble in expression
Wise with the tongue
In service to the all
Not in service to some
Visionary eyes that can gaze at the Sun
Unswayed by the moon
Grounded and cosmic
Balancing the scales of heart and logic
Playing to the tune that sparks the magick
The powers within
Now remember we have it
Remember we ARE it
The Infinite Artist
Choosing our colors and defining our margins

Let’s re-define our margins
If not needed, discard it
Know you are the light as you travel through the darkness
The illusion of alone
Oh, this section is the hardest
Until alone becomes All-One
Unifying all charges
In the spectrum of Self
All aspects accepted
In this is True Love perspective
The bridge is now open
On the other side, wisdom, union and the cosmos cry
Tears of joy allowed to rain from the sky
Now more than ever
You are being asked to fly

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