Peace. Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. Allow me to introduce myself. My birth name is Kamau Bakari Abayomi. It is a combination of three African languages (Kikuyu, Swahili, Yoruba) which together hold the meaning, “Quiet warrior of noble promise, born to bring joy”. The first two letters in my first, middle and last name (Ka Ba Ab) are represented in the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language as ‘spirit’ (Ka), ‘soul’ (Ba), and heart (Ab). This is not a name I received by chance. In the pre-incarnation state, I chose to be born in a time period of, and to parents who were engaged in, the Black consciousness and arts movement happening in San Francisco, California in the mid-70’s, June 24th, 1976 to be exact. (A widely popular astrology book called June 24th, “The Day of the Blissful Wizard” and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment.)

As a child of the cancer-gemini cusp, my energies are a balance of heart and mind, a balance that is present in all of my artistic endeavors, in all of the various forms in which they take. Whether through the writing and presentation of poetry, as rap artist and vocalist with a band, as a choreographer of dance, a director and editor of video, a dj or other forms, my expression is shared with the intent to uplift; to provide insights, based on my knowledge and experience into the deeper aspects of life and our experience of it.

All is the One Infinite Creator experiencing and knowing itself in infinite ways. My art is presented with the intent to highlight this knowing and serve as a reminder that we are all on the journey into this greater awareness of being.

Thank you for your time,
Kamau Abayomi